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Sinharaja – Sinhagala Adventure (Sold Out)


Sinharaja – Sinhagala Adventure (Sold Out)

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Tour Includes:

♥ Travelling in AC coach with a safe driver (350 km)
♥ Travelling in truck with with bumpy ride (7 km)
♥ Service of a Trekking Guide (From Forest Department)
♥ Day 1 (Compulsory Trail) – Trekking and Sightseeing in 12km (one-way) trail to Sinhagala
♥ Day 2 (Optional Activity) – Archery Games
♥ Eco/Chalet Accommodation with Hot Water (1 Night)
♥ Meals (x2 Breakfast x2 Lunch x1 Dinner x1 Snacks)
♥ Free Photos and Video compilation
♥ First-Aid and Fitness Guidance
♥ Access to toilets and wash rooms at resort for each room (1:2 | Toilets:Hikers)
♥ 10% discount for AquaLIFE Swimming Sessions
♥ All Taxes, Service Charges & Tips

Date 22nd (Saturday) February 2020 to 23rd (Sunday) February 2020
Time 02:00 am to 4:00 pm
Pickup & Drop University of Sri Jayawardenepura

Please note that this is a 2-day excursion with meals & accommodation. Sinharaja Rain Forest is location located 175 km away from Colombo inside Deniyaya and need 4WD vehicle to access. You need to be physically fit and minimum age is 10 years.

The  elevation  of  the  Sinharaja  reserve  ranges  from  200m  to  1300m.  It  has  a  rolling  terrain consisting  of  a  series  of  ridges  and  valleys,  which  assumes  an  east-west  trend  in  the northwestern part of the reserve. In other parts of the reserve, the ridges and valleys assume a north-west/south-east alignment. The peak of Hinipitigala is the tallest, rising up to about 1150m. Other important ridges in the reserve ranges between 550-800m in  height Namely Moulawella (760m), Koskulana (797m), Sinhagala(742m), Kohilearambe  (575m),  Dotalugala (769m), and Tibbottagala (904m).

Your Trail & Target

Total Distance = 24 km (Both ways) | Climbing = 3 km ( 300m (MSL to 742m MSL) | Obstacles = Heavy rain 40%, Leaches 60%, Losing Trail 10%, Running out of Water/Food 5%, Trees falling 2%, Wild animals including wasps 5%, Injuries due to Slipping 15%

Temperature 24C- 28C | Humidity 65% < | Wind 20-30 kmph