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Advice From Coach

Advice From Coach

By In Aqualife Swimming On October 5, 2014

No matter what your age is, it is vital you take swimming lessons at some point in your life. Water is all around us whether it is in a pool, lake or ocean. Taking lessons can provide you with the skills necessary to safely make it in the water. While taking lessons, it is important you go at your own pace and never compare to others.

It can be easy to get down on yourself or get impatient with lessons if you are not picking it up as quickly as you would like to. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone learns at a different pace and picks up the various strokes quicker. While those around you may learn the backstroke fairly quickly, you may take a liking to the breaststroke.

Just remember that it will take time to learn how to swim properly. As long as you stick with it you will improve gradually. No one becomes an expert at something overnight. If you believe in yourself and are confident, you will improve over time. Whether it is in a month or several months, the learning curve will vary from person to person.

The learning process itself can be frustrating if you are trying hard but not getting the results. This is where it becomes imperative to practice frequently and listen to the instructor carefully. The slightest change to your approach can alter the types of results you get from your swimming lessons.

Along with not comparing yourself to others, it is equally important you never give up. Giving up will solve nothing and only make it increasingly difficult when you decide to try again down the road. You are better off sticking with the lessons and trying your hardest. Although time is something people do not want to apply to the process, patience is crucial to learning how to swim.

If needed never hesitate to talk to your coach, friends and family for support when ever you have doubts, but always consider the professional opinion. There is no need to get down on yourself or think that you are a failure. Everyone struggles with various things through life including swimming.

For this reason, take your time, be patient, and give it your all when taking swimming lessons. AquaLIFE instructors are used to teach people of all age who have little to no experience whatsoever in the water. You will find they are patient, supportive, and confident that you will succeed. In turn, you must think the same about yourself and how you progress with swimming lessons.

Saliya Kulathilaka

Coach | AquaLIFE | Ph. 0773 614 607 | |

Austswim Licensed Teacher For Swimming & Water Safety – Australia

Bronze Medallion Of Sri Lanka Life Saving Association


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